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Tarot Telling For Two

A downloadable game.

In this cooperative storytelling RPG, two players will each create a character and explore their characters' relationship with one another using Tarot cards and their associated meanings as prompts. Players may use a shared deck if playing in-person, their own decks if playing remotely, or online decks if that's the only kind accessible (or any deck for any reason!) 

This game fits on a single tri-fold brochure, with an optional-to-print Sample Play in the same format. I've also included an unformatted text version, where the Sample Play is interwoven with the game directions, for increased accessibility.

In addition to enjoying an RPG that explores feelings and encourages creativity, Tarot Telling also gives players a chance to expand their own Tarot practices by interpreting how cards in different positions may affect different situations differently.

This game was developed for the Me, My Friend, And My RPG Game Jam

Photo credit: "Tarot Cards" by Manik Roy used under Unsplash License; modified by Edaureen Muhamad Nor

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Tagspoc-made, storytelling-game, Tarot, Two Player


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Having no idea about tarot decks, it would have been really useful to be linked to somewhere that can explain each card for someone who has no idea, otherwise this game doesn't make much sense to a casual 'hey I want to try this' person like myself. I know I can google this but it would be great to be linked to somewhere that says it fairly succinctly that would be good for this game.


Thank you for the feedback! I thought about posting a link to Tarot websites here on this page, but so many people have their own favorites that I didn't want to bias anyone towards a particular site over another. I also didn't want to date the game, so to speak, by linking to a site that might feel innovative now but looks and feels clunky just a few months down the line. As you said, Google is really a great bet for this because you can pick and choose what on-line Tarot format (and often even deck!) you prefer. Were I totally new to Tarot, I might rely on their first result for online Tarot spreads, the Labyrinthos Academy, to get me started, at least at this moment in time. I hope you find it helpful!

I also hope that this game helps launch you on your own journey of discovery with Tarot, and especially that you find a physical deck that you resonate with. Online decks are great, but nothing beats having a physical deck of your own to examine at your leisure. Most also come with guidebooks that help explain each card in depth as well as the designer's vision for the deck. Best of luck in your journey, and happy gaming!

i did one playthrough so far and had so much fun! trying to figure out what to do with the characters and story now, i've grown attached!

I absolutely know that feeling! Please feel free to share the story, if you'd like. This game is meant to be a springboard for your imagination, so it would be awesome if you kept creating adventures for your character!

oh god no i'm too shy. but i will write it down somewhere, so i can always reach for those characters or themes. maybe one day i'll create something i'd be ok to share publicly lol like a little comic or illustration :o

hey, really interesting game 
love that is compatible with various decks

i also did create a tarot-based rpg, but mine is kind of limited to the Major Arcana in Marseille - and doesn't actually uses the meaning as i opted for a "inspired by" approach. would love to hear your thoughts on it if possible, is available on my profile, it is called Arcana Magna

Thanks so much! I've downloaded Arcana Magna and will email you my thoughts shortly.